The 5* Great Scotland Yard Hotel is delighted to launch their exclusive ‘Whisky Passport’ for Síbín; a sophisticated whisky bar hidden in plain sight behind a secret door, situated in one of London’s most historic and cherished buildings.

Embark on a remarkable global journey with the captivating whisky cocktail passport. Beautifully designed and printed, the passport features 10 whiskies from around the world and a dream dram of a very rare and limited SKU. The passport is the perfect, luxury gift for whisky connoisseurs and those curious about the world of whisky, each featuring the brand history and unique cocktail. A doorway to a world of unparalleled flavour, each page reveals a new destination for your palate. Take a voyage across the continents and explore the history, cultures and mixology mastery of European, American, Canadian and Asian whiskies with an extra special, dream dram to complete the journey.

Carefully and specially curated, the passport features cocktails using whiskies from the following regions:

England – Masthouse: Column Malt
Scotland – Elements of Islay: Sherry Cask
Ireland – Waterford: Argot
Finland – Kyrö Whisky
USA – Michters: American Whisky
Canada – Signal Hill
Australia – Starward: Leftfield
Taiwanese – Kavalan: Single Malt
Japan – Nikka: Yoichi
Dream Dram – Japan: Mars: Komagatake Shinshu 2021

The Komagatake malt is made at the Shinshu distillery, Japan’s highest, sitting at 800m above sea level surrounded by pure spring water and impacted by a particularly harsh climate. A superb single malt, the Mars Komagatake 2021 edition boasts a core of bourbon cask matured single malt, supported by portions matured in sherry and Port casks. You can expect plenty of sweet stone fruit, oaken vanilla, and honeyed nuts alongside the rich, oily malt at its core.

The first whisky cocktail and stamp are included with the purchase of the passport at £50. The subsequent nine cocktails (redeemable in any order), can be enjoyed with a 50% discount (£18 reduced to £9). Upon completion, customers will receive the complimentary dream dram. Passports can be purchased from Sibin, the hotel’s front desk, or online here:

The bar is an elegant yet relaxed space for evening drinks, and functions as a chill out lounge to enjoy a wide range of specialist whiskies with good company.

Síbín is a term coined in Ireland meaning ‘illicit whisky’; it was used to refer to an illicit club where excisable alcoholic drinks were sold without a licence. The bar of the same name offers high-quality whiskies with wood and smoke flavour profiles alongside classic and creative cocktails, food pairings and snacks. Featuring artwork from the likes of Alastair Mackie, Belinda Frikh and Cornelia Parker RA, each piece adorning the walls has been chosen to reflect the glamorous and sultry atmosphere of the Síbín.

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 7pm – 1am