Ad size (WxH)Type Area (WxH)
Magazine cover wraptbctbc
Double Page Spread420mm x 297mm396mm x 273mm
Full Page210mm x 297mm186mm x 273mm
Half Page DPS420mm x 146mm396mm x 129mm
Portrait Half Page90mm x 273mm
Half Page Landscape186mm x 134mm
Quarter Page90mm x 134mm

Artwork File Formats: Our preferred format for client supplied advertisement files is a PDF to PPA standards – full technical details are available on If you are unable to supply your files in this format we can accept the following file types:- Mac format: QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator. If supplying in this format please ensure files are supplied with all supporting image/logo files and that all fonts are either supplied or outlined and all images are 300 dpi. We can also work from supplied photographs, hard copy text and logos.
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Creative Specification   
 Large Leaderboard 728  x 180
Skintbc  tbc
 Homepage Takeovertbc  tbc

File Types: jpeg, gif
File Size: 100kb max

Sponsored content/feature including solus partner e-mail: This position will take around 600 words of text with a link back to a page on your website, six images and a video if it is hosted on YouTube or a similar platform.


Creative Specification                                                                                    Pixels

Double Block600 x250
Top Double Block800 x400
Partner e-mails Supplied HTMLOr made using our templates (example here)