The groundbreaking Aurora | 360 Experience is returning to the Yukon (Canada) in 2022 offering travellers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to view the phenomenon from the air.

Scheduled to take-off from Whitehorse either on the 18th or 19th February 2022, the Aurora | 360 Experience offers passengers an exclusive opportunity to fly above the clouds, and witness the Aurora Borealis, closer than ever before.

Once airborne, the charter jet will hunt for the Auroral Oval (an oval-shaped region cantered on the Earth’s magnetic pole in which auroral emissions occur), and alter course, as required, to ensure passengers get the very best experience.

There are only 70 seats available on this bucket-list flight charted by the Yukon’s airline, Air North, which will be led by an award-winning photographer and expert guides, so travellers can get the experience of capturing the celestial wonder.

Flying at 11,000 m. (36,000 ft.) above sea level, travelling at speeds of up to 800 km. (500 miles) per hour, and following a custom flight path determined by a dedicated science team to optimize Aurora viewing potential, the on-board-experience is truly unique.

The Aurora | 360 Experience includes: various pre and post flight activities (between the 17th and the 21st of February 2022), Yukon inspired meals, a full evening of Yukon First Nations stories, dance and culture, along with an evening in the company of very special science guest-speakers welcomed from organizations such as NOAA, and the RASC. In addition, the nature day showcases Yukon’s unique land, water and sky. “Aurora | 360 Experience highlights the colours of the Yukon through the celebration of Science, Culture and Nature.”

The Aurora | 360 Experience costs $3199.00 (£1903) per person or $8,400 (£4996) per family (two adults and two children) and includes:

  • a complete Welcome Package.
  • a seat on the Aurora flight, chartered with Air North.
  • accommodations for four (4) nights (based on double occupancy or family of 4)
  • four delicious breakfasts per person.
  • three unique Yukon-inspired dinners per person.
  • ground transportation to/from downtown accommodation and the airport.
  • ground transportation to/from the various Aurora | 360 Experience events.
  • a special viewing of a film introducing you to the Yukon.
  • an exclusive autographed Commemorative Certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle, together with an exclusive Commemorative Flight Patch per person.
  • a Souvenir Booklet of the Experience.
  • full access to our Guest Speaker panel throughout the event.
  • unique activities that fill the Science day, the Culture day and the Nature day.
  • a guided tour and sampling at the award-winning Yukon Brewing.
  • a guided, private nature trek at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.
  • a dip at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs.
  • a presentation at the new Yukon Astronomical Observatory.

From November to April, snow turns the Yukon into a winter playground and the low-light winters make for exceptional viewing of the aurora borealis. This phenomenon—known to many people as the Northern Lights —appears like undulating ribbons of green, blue, and red light, and can be seen from the end of Summer all the way through April. Visitors can stay in remote lodges and wait for the greatest light show on earth from the comfort of their cabins or join various aurora viewing tours including an aurora hunting excursion. Click here for more information on Northern Lights viewing in the Yukon.

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