What separates the tourist from the traveler? Curiosity about what lies beneath the surface of a place and the capacity for lifelong learning.  GeoCultura Tours takes that impulse quite literally, lining up expert scholars and scientists to lead the way to a deeper understanding of the world. 

GeoCultura are specialty holidays for the curious traveler. The best landscapes, earth, history and culture for the discerning travelers.

Drawn from the fields of geology, science, communication, and history, GeoCultura’s tour leaders encourage travelers to go deep – often all the way into the geologic substrate of a place illuminating the role of earth history in culture and society.

Participants in GeoCultura tours aren’t content to dance across the surface of a destination in a “if it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium” romp. This is travel with like-minded folk who want to know how the effects of the natural environment are woven into the human history of a place.

Based in the United Kingdom, GeoCultura offers new trips both in North America and Europe.

North America

Desert Adventure in Southeastern Utah delves deep into the geologic history of this Canyon Country, and traces its impact on the peoples who have lived there – Native Americans – and those who have passed through, including adventurers and Mormon pioneers. Dates are April 25 through May 1.

“Rambling, rafting, and riding” through the Rio Grande Rift of Colorado and New Mexico provides participants with a close-up look at the geology of this part of the American Southwest on a tour June 11-18. Bonus: a visit to the artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in the desert. Four of the seven nights are based in Santa Fe.

An exploration of moraines, rocks, and modern architecture are featured during Wisconsin Rocks and Art, a GeoCultura tour taking place September 24-30. Included are a visit to homes designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and an evening at the American Players Theatre.

United Kingdom

There are two chances in 2023 to visit the Jurassic Coast, England’s only natural UNESCO world heritage site. Select March 21-24 or June 5-8. Highlights include a fossil hunt as well as a journey along the Dorset coastline.

 A particularly poignant and timely journey happens in May as the world witnesses the first coronation of the British sovereign in more than 70 years. London, Stonehenge, Bath, and the Jurassic Coast is a classic tour of Southern England timed for May 7-13 (Note that GeoCultura can arrange for you to arrive a day early and participate in the festivities around the Coronation of Charles III on for May 6). Highlights include visiting, the prehistoric monument known as Stonehenge, the famous City of  Bath, the landscape described in Thomas Hardy’s novels, and the Dorset Jurassic Coastline.

The landscapes, poetry, and geology of England’s Lake District will be explored on a GeoCultura tour May 23-27. Fans of the poet William Wordsworth won’t want to miss the guided walks through the land that inspired the Romantic Poets, authors, artists, and early scientists.

A first-hand look at the completely different landscapes, history, and geology of the Northwest Scottish Highlands on a tour September 6-12 includes learning about the skills behind making a Highland malt Whisky.


Geo-Historical Tour of Old Town Lisbon and the Arrábida National Park September 18-22 gives participants an in depth look at the effects of stone, water and earthquakes in this part of Portugal.

A tour of Classical Greece combining ancient history and geology of Athens, Corinth, and the Achaean League highlights the influence of the Gulf of Corinth, Greece, on Greek civilization and culture.

About GeoCultura

GeoCultura’s tour leaders are experts drawn from the fields of geology, science communication, and history. Many are practicing geologists and academics with long histories of research and teaching in the field and in the classroom.

The goal is to provide high-quality and informative holidays focused on the role of the history of the earth and landscape in local culture over the centuries. Quality accommodations and food experiences are a must.  Passionate and knowledgeable tour leaders engage with participants who are interested and curious about the world by telling stories of the landscapes, geology, and culture of the region that bring the dynamism of earth history to life.

Tours start at around $2,000 per person, including meals, fees, and transportation. Tours with no single supplement for solo travelers include a Desert Adventure in South Eastern Utah, England’s Lake District, the North West  Highlands if Scotland, Lisbon and the Arrabida National Park, and the Gulf of Corinth.

 A modicum of fitness is required, although walking distances are reasonable, and terrains are clear and well maintained. A reading list for each tour is available for those whose interests extend beyond a surface glint. Accommodations are chosen for their location, historic significance or qualities that complement tour themes.     More information can be found at www.geoculturaworld.com,  Tel: USA 713 400 6326 /Tel UK: +44 2081 451011.