Journee (​​ is set to make UK travellers’ holidays one to remember as they deliver mystery trips that explore new cultures. Journee is so confident that people will love their trips they don’t even tell them where they’re going until the airport!  With just one short questionnaire, Journee will organise an incredible trip that is better than any you could book yourself. 

Journee’s trips start from £425 per person for a 4 day trip. The online tour operator matches people with experiential trips to interesting destinations and then takes care of everything –  from how to get there and where to stay to what you do when you arrive. All they need to know is a budget, potential dates and the booker’s travel style. From this they’ll curate the best trip for each individual.

Journee curates trips to over 52 destinations around the world, including Seville, Lisbon, Zanzibar, Malta, Florence, Puglia, Cinque Terre, The Algarve, Krakow, Budapest, Meteora, Cluj, Sofia, Bologna, Ljubljana, Bled and Sri Lanka. New destinations will continue to be added in the next few months. 

If you are a foodie, history buff, thrill seeker, adventurer or generally culturally curious, Journee has a trip for you. Journee arranges one-of-a-kind activities to suit your passions that you’lll recall for years to come. White water rafting in Slovenia, night tours of Florence with a local historian guide, pintxos (tapas) tours in San Sebastián and three-day camel treks across the Sahara Desert are just some of the activities they’ve booked so far. Journee’s trips are rated 4.9/5 on Trustpilot.

Ed Tribe, co-founder of Journee and travel enthusiast, said “Experiencing cultures different to our own makes us more understanding, accepting and loving humans. Our goal is to take you on the best adventures you never knew you needed. There’s been overwhelming positive feedback from the thousands of people who embraced the unknown on their Journee adventure. We can’t wait for more people to experience this exciting way of travelling! 

Journee wants to help people spend less time planning a trip and more time exploring new cultures – experiencing the inspirational and enjoying the ease of no holiday admin. Journee needs just 15 minutes of people’s time compared to the 10-30 hours most people spend trying to put a trip together.

Journee was founded in 2019 by three friends and former Depop colleagues with a passion for travel – Ed Tribe, Megha Chaturvedi and James Gillard. Among its backers are Depop’s founder, Simon Beckerman, and CEO, Maria Raga.   

For more information about Journee and to get matched for free, please visit