Just 28 miles off the rugged Cornish Coast lie the beautiful Isles of Scilly. This tiny archipelago, consisting of five inhabited islands and hundreds of 

smaller rocks and islets, is blessed with white sand beaches and surrounded 

by azure seas that, in Summer, can make you feel as if you were in the 


A short voyage from the mainland by sea or air accesses this truly unique 

island group that offers a tranquil and memorable holiday slowing you down 

from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allows you to be at one with your 

surroundings whilst breathing in the ozone rich air that has been cleansed 

by 3000 miles of Atlantic Ocean.

Sub-tropical flora grows freely throughout the islands giving proof, if it 

were needed, that you have arrived in a very special part of the United 

Kingdom. St Mary’s, the largest of the island group, acts as the hub and 

makes an idea base from which to explore each of the smaller ‘Off Islands’.

The Isles of Scilly have a fascinating past which has played a major part in shaping 

British history since well before the Elizabethan era. A Star shaped Castle and 

fortification that defended the English Channel, on St Mary’s, possibly the oldest 

lighthouse in the country, on St Agnes, one of the first Daymark navigation points 

in the country, on St Martin’s and a World renowned garden created in an Abbey ruin 

by one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurial Victorian gentlemen, on Tresco.

There is so much to enthral and excite a visitor to the Isles of Scilly that the islands 

magic will entice them back time and time again creating everlasting memories of 

this unequalled location.

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