Unleash your creativity and delve into the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll at the Lewis Carroll Centre. Join inspiring talks that unravel Halton’s legacy, and explore the insightful chemical archives brought to life through poetry, art, stories, and music at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum. Celebrate the famous connection between Paul Simon’s ‘Homeward Bound’ song and Widnes Train Station. Take a short stroll from the station to the nearby Victoria Park to hear Greg Oldfield busing on the bandstand. Grab a special edition ice cream from Esposito’s from the heritage ice cream trike, created especially for the event.

Halton Heritage Open Days is a part of the national Heritage Open Days scheme that takes place every September. It’s a significant occasion to celebrate the multifaceted heritage of Halton, with an array of engaging events, workshops, exhibitions, and tours that delve into the historical tapestry of the region. his year’s event promises to be a remarkable showcase of Halton’s diverse heritage, centred around the national theme for 2023, “Creativity Unwrapped.” 

Mark your calendars for a week of unforgettable art, heritage, and creativity during Halton Heritage Days. For more information, visit https://visithalton.co.uk/ or follow us on social media @visithalton.