Adventurous UK staycationers are being sought by the Scottish-based small-boat cruise company Hebridean Adventures for amazing island-hopping and whale, dolphin and wildlife-watching adventure cruises right here around the Inner and Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

With two boats operating out of Oban and Stornoway, Hebridean Adventures begin their cruising season in April and operate right through until October, offering a wide range of cruises in and out of the main holiday seasons, that reach all around the Inner and Outer Hebrides, including highlights such as St Kilda and North Rona, and ranging as far north as the Orkneys, Fair Isle and Shetland on two new itineraries for 2023.

Their two boats, the Hjalmar Bjørge in Oban, and the Monadhliath in Stornoway, are respectively a former Norwegian ice-class rescue vessel fitted with stabilisers to help smooth out bumpy rides, and a converted fishing vessel built for Scottish waters. They can sleep 12 and 8 guests and specialise in reaching out of the way destinations amongst the myriad of small deserted islands to be found in the Hebrides which receive few if any visitors, as well as the more well known locations such as Mull, Skye, Lewis and Harris. Daily shore excursions will land you in these locations to go and explore a remote beach, hike a local hill, or visit iconic and historical locations such as Iona Abbey or Oronsay Priory, not to mention viewing the multitide of smaller castles and fortified towers that are scattered along the shorelines in this part of the world.

With the rise in interest in the outdoors since the Covid pandemic, sailing through the fresh air on a daily basis whilst watching some of the most amazing land and seascapes roll by is both refreshing and brings a sense of wellness that just has to be experienced to be believed. Add in a visit from some of the local common dolphins riding the bow of the boat right beneath you, a breaching minke or humpback whale leaping from the water in a cloud of spray, watching thousands of puffins and other seabirds wheeling around sea cliffs, or marvelling at the sight of a huge white-tailed eagle soaring overhead, and nirvana is surely not far away.

The choice of cruise lengths available ranges from a few nights to travel more sedately whilst exploring the length of the Caledonian Canal, to a full 11 nights proper exploration on the “Atlantic West Coast Voyager” with plenty of choices inbetween.

Both boats are also available for private charter with some options for 2023 still, or look ahead and talk to us about 2024 as we are already putting our calendar together to be published soon!

Come and experience all we have to offer on your own Hebridean Adventure and start planning today.

Full details of all cruises and the boats can be found online at, or call us on 07871 463775 or email