A new range of itineraries showcasing the best of Norway’s spectacular coastline with parts of mainland Norway are now available with specialist tour operator Best Served Scandinavia.  Combining time on board Havila Voyages’ modern new fleet of environmentally friendly passenger ships with some of Norway’s highlights, these year-round itineraries offer a unique experience of Norway’s spectacular fjords, pristine nature and vibrant cities and towns under the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun. 

Havila’s new fleet of ships offer some of the most advanced environmental technology in the industry, including the world’s largest battery pack allowing for up to four hours’ emission-free quiet sailing as well as an energy-efficient hull design and use of natural gas, which cuts Co2 emissions by over 25%. Contemporary spacious cabins and suites are decorated and furnished in Nordic style with large windows throughout ensuring guests can savour the stunning views in the ever-changing Arctic light.  Menus on board mirror the coast that the ship is sailing along with a focus on local seasonal ingredients inspired by four distinct regions. 

New itineraries on offer include the full northbound cruise route between Bergen and Kirkenes, with the option of a stay at the iconic Kirkenes Snowhotel, as well as shorter sections, sailing either between Tromso and Trondheim or Trondheim and Bergen. The shorter routes offer the ideal balance for those looking to combine a cruise with other parts of mainland Norway. 

Norway’s Colourful Cities & Fabled Fjords

Discover the cities of Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim, all capital cities of Norway at points in its history, on this 10-day summer itinerary travelling by rail, boat and cruise.  After a night in colourful Bergen, there’s a three-day coastal voyage heading north on board Havila’s contemporary ship. Highlights along Norway’s southwestern coast include Geirangerfjord, the artistic city of Alesund as well as the old Viking city of Trondheim (Norway’s third largest city).  With two nights in Trondheim, there’s plenty of time to sample its cobbled streets, vibrant shops and cafes and fantastic world-class cuisine.  Embark on a spectacular scenic rail journey through scenic valleys and stunning national parks heading south to the country’s current capital Oslo with must-sees including the new National Museum and Munch Museum.   Finish off with a memorable trip on The Flam Railway, one of the most scenic in Scandinavia, with a night in the pretty village of Flam before sailing along the Naeroyfjord passage and boarding a train for a final night in Bergen.  This round trip itinerary offers the ideal car-free way to discover some of the highlights of Norway.  

Best Served Scandinavia (0207 664 2241, best-served.co.uk) offers this 10 day tailor made journey from £1,785 per person including flights, 2 nights in Bergen, 2 nights on board Havila on a full board basis, 2 nights in Trondheim, 2 nights in Oslo, 1 night in Flam, Norway in a Nutshell tour and rail from Trondheim to Oslo. 

Classic Coastal Explorer   – Summer Itinerary

Embark on this classic summer focus round-trip voyage on board Havila which explores Norway’s spectacular coast. Starting in Bergen and heading north through narrow fjords, scenery along the way to soak up includes rugged mountains, rustic fishing villages and isolated islands.  One of summer’s highlights is the unique Midnight Sun, up in the Arctic Circle on the way to Kirkenes in the far north.  Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Geirangerfjord with its dramatic waterfalls and deep blue waters and explore the wilds of the Lofoten Islands.  There’s time to discover the larger coastal towns of Trondheim, Bodo and Tromso too. 

Best Served Scandinavia (0207 664 2241, best-served.co.uk) offers this Classic Coastal Explorer itinerary with Havila from £3,440 per person including flights, 11 nights on board the Havila Cruise ship in a sea view cabin, 2 nights (pre and post sailing in Bergen) and transfers. 

Bergen to Kirkenes – Summer Itinerary 

Showcasing the best of Norway’s classic northbound coast route is this Havila cruise between Bergen and Kirkenes.  Stops along the way include pretty coastal town Alesund, well known for its Art Nouveau architecture, Trondheim with its ancient landmarks, the Lofoten Islands with a visit to a local brewery and feast with a Viking chieftain and Tromso, known as Norway’s Northern Lights capital in winter and illuminated by the glow of the Midnight Sun in summer.  A highlight is the North Cape, the most northerly point on mainland Europe with towering cliffs peppered with birdlife and pounded by the crashing sea.  With a wide choice of expert-led excursions which are tailored to the season of travel, there’s plenty to keep guests active before returning each day to delicious, locally inspired full-board dining before retiring to the comforts of sea-view cabins. Additional nights in both Bergen and Kirkenes are also included to enable guests to make the most of their time exploring Norway. 

Best Served Scandinavia (0207 664 2241, best-served.co.uk) offers this Bergen to Kirkenes itinerary from £3,465 per person including flights, 6 nights on board the Havila cruise ship in a sea view cabin, 1 night in Bergen, 1 night in Kirkenes and transfers. 

Bergen to Kirkenes – Winter Itinerary

Discover the highlights of coastal Norway on this Bergen to Kirkenes winter Havila cruise.  Bergen makes the perfect start point to this itinerary in winter with time to ride the funicular railway for spectacular views as well the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Hanseatic Bryggen Wharf.  Sailing during the winter months reveals beautiful, rugged landscapes and snow-topped peaks with dark polar skies offering plenty of Northern Lights spotting potential.  Stops are made in Alesund, Trondheim, Tromso and crossing the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands. 

The final port of call is Kirkenes, 400km above the Arctic Circle, and the furthest point of the voyage, which is renowned for its winter activities, king crab safaris and iconic snow hotel where guests will enjoy one final magical night. There’s time to explore the surrounding snowy forests on optional excursions by snowmobile, husky sledding on scenic trails or king crab fishing in the Barents Sea, before a last chance to look out for the aurora borealis and a cosy night spent wrapped up in reindeer hides and blankets on a bed of ice. 

Best Served Scandinavia (0207 664 2241, best-served.co.uk) offers this Norway winter explorer from Bergen to Kirkenes itinerary from £2,095 per person including flights, 1 night in Bergen, 6 nights on board the Havila cruise ship in a sea view cabin, 1 night at the Snowhotel Kirkenes on a half board basis and transfers. 

Coastal Highlights from Trondheim to TromsoWinter Itinerary  

Direct flights into Trondheim and out of Tromso facilitate this five-day trip, which offers a bite-sized experience of Norway’s famed Atlantic coast during winter with beautiful scenery, dramatic whirlpools and ample Northern Lights spotting en route. Starting in the foodie capital of Trondheim, the Viking capital of Norway, the ship travels through archipelagos and narrow fjords, through the Lofoten islands and ending up in the Northern Lights capital of Tromso.   Along the way, it passes through small island inlets, past sleepy fishing villages, with the chance to enjoy a delicious range of coastal cuisine on board from each region.   As the ship travels across the Arctic Circle – a milestone moment marked by a small ceremony – some of Norway’s most breathtaking scenery unfolds. Optional excursions include gentle hikes along the sandy coast, or visiting the dramatic maelstrom at Saltstraumen, the location of the world’s strongest tidal current.  Here, huge volumes of water pass through a narrow strait, creating enormous whirlpools that are up to 10m wide and four-five metres deep. From Bodo and the beauty of the Lofoten Islands, the ship then progresses to Tromso – the ‘Paris of the North’ and favourite Northern Lights viewing location. Optional excursions on offer here include snowmobiling, reindeer or husky sledding. 

Best Served Scandinavia (0207 664 2241, best-served.co.uk) offers this five day Coastal Highlights from Trondheim to Tromso trip from £1,060 per person, including flights, 1 night in Trondheim, 2 nights on board Havila cruise ship in a sea view cabin on a full board basis, 1 night in Tromso and transfers.