Encountering the Serengeti on safari is a thrilling, soul-soaring adventure. But beyond the iconic “Big 5” and wild wonder moments, the Serengeti offers a wealth of magical experiences to delight, inspire and nurture connection to this extraordinary land and her people. Guests visiting Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti can weave any – or all – of the following 10 activities into a bespoke itinerary that caters to individual passions and interests.

Soar Above the Plains – Take to the vast African skies in a hot air balloon and float peacefully over the Serengeti for a fresh perspective on the breath-taking landscape. Marvel at the sheer scale of the plains with a unique bird’s-eye view of the wildlife roaming undisturbed in their sanctuary below.

Celebrate Maasai Culture – Visit an Indigenous Maasai village to respectfully learn about these semi-nomadic peoples and their traditional way of life. Witness stirring dances and gain insight into ancient customs before an African feast at The Lodge’s Boma Grill, tucking into local dishes grilled over an open-air fire pit.

Take a Wild Walk Amid Nature – Embark on a fascinating walk – and full sensory immersion – into the surrounding untouched nature with an experienced guide. Learn about the flora, fauna, and ecological dynamics of the Serengeti ecosystem and the details that make this region unique.

Get Twitching – Home to more than 500 bird species, the Serengeti is a paradise for bird watchers. Grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy a guided walk around The Lodge spotting abundant species from darting, colourful songbirds to large impressive large raptors.

Say Hi to the Hippos – In the northern Serengeti where the Seronera and Orangi rivers collide, Retina Hippo Pool is a muddy expanse of water where scores of hippos seek respite from the searing sun – and a rare opportunity to observe these magnificent beasts up close, perhaps even with a crocodile or two.

Get Shutter-Snapping – With its ever-shifting moody landscapes and incredible wildlife spotting opportunities, the Serengeti is a dream destination for photographers. The Lodge offers two photography tours: A photography adventure with The Lodge’s experienced resident photographer or a masterclass with renowned wildlife photographer Paul Joynson Hicks.

Give Something Back – Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti supports a range of local conservation organisations. Talk to our Concierge about visiting them and other initiatives in the Serengeti that aim to preserve its precious wildlife, protect its fragile habitat and support local communities. Even the action of taking the time to learn about the region’s people, surroundings and threats is appreciated by many.

Look Up to Savour the Night Sky – The nightly ink-dark Serengeti skies offer excellent and expansive stargazing conditions. Both amateur and experienced astronomers will relish spying crystal-clear constellations, spotting planets and tracking the trajectories of satellites, set to the soundscape of the savannah’s nocturnal wildlife.

Retreat and Rejuvenate – Explore your inner terrain with an indulgent wellness treatment at Four Seasons Serengeti Kani Spa. From rituals inspired by the African land and age-old wisdom of its people to sunset yoga on a Kopje to centre mind, body and spirit, Kani Spa treatments tap into the energy of the Serengeti and its powerful healing ability for a soulful journey to remember.

Tuck into a Bush Dinner – Indulge all the senses with an al fresco meal in the wild. Head into the heart of the Serengeti for a barbecue dinner by flickering torch light. Savour delicious barbecue delights, sip wine under a canopy of stars, and share tales around a crackling fire under the reliable protection of attentive Maasai warriors.

Guests should reach out to Lodge staff ahead of their visit to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made for any experience they wish to enjoy, and to have any additional fees explained.